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Emmons Lake Volcanic Center reported activity



Start:April 16, 2005 Observed
Stop:May 24, 2005 ± 7 DaysObserved

Fumarolic or hydrothermal activity: BibCard BibCard
Eruption Type:Not an eruption.

Description: From McGimsey and others (2007): "National Weather Service personnel in Cold Bay reported a steam plume emanating from the side of Pavlof on April 16, 2005. Subsequent analysis of the photographs sent to AVO indicated that the steam cloud originated instead from adjacent Mount Hague (see fig. 35 in original text), possibly from the fumarolic field located on the south flank - instead of the crater lake - based on the plume position; however, no direct observations confirmed the source. Seismicity was determined to be normal.

"On May 23 and 24, 2005, observations of steam - this time possibly containing some ash - rising to as much as 3,000 ft (~900 m) above Pavlof were again reported to AVO, as well as to FAA and AAWU. Photographs revealed that the plume originated instead from Mount Hague (see fig. 36 in original text). Analysis of satellite images revealed no evidence of ash, and no unusual seismicity was recorded. One of the two summit craters on Mount Hague contains vigorous fumaroles and has produced strong steam emissions in previous years (see table 7 in original text). The activity was interpreted to result from normal fluctuation of the hydrothermal system at Mount Hague and was reported in the AVO Weekly Update on May 27, 2005."

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