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Monogenetic QT vents of WWVF description and information


Type:Cinder cones and other eruptive centers
Most Recent Activity:
Seismically Monitored: No
Elevation: 7769 ft (2368 m)
Latitude: 62.137° N
Longitude:143.165° W
CAVW Number:
Associated Features:West Cone
East Cone
Jaeger Mesa
Nearby towns:Chisana 37 mi (59 km) SE
Slana 47 mi (75 km) NW
McCarthy 49 mi (79 km) SE
Chistochina 57 mi (91 km) NW
Anchorage 229 mi (369 km) SW
The Monogenetic QT vents of the WWVF (Western Wrangell Volcanic Field) were named the "interior mesas" by Preece (1997) and Lunt (1997). Lunt describes the vents as a linear array of cinder cones and small eruptive centers within the western Wrangell volcanic field. The region is topographically subdued between the front and back side volcanic chains of the Wrangell Volcanic Field. Volcanic features include (but are not limited to), West Cone, East Cone, Cone Ridge, and Jaeger Mesa. Vents appear to be Pleistocene to late Tertiary in age.
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