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Novarupta description and information


Official Name: Novarupta
Type:Plinian pyroclastic vent with plug dome
Most Recent Activity:1953
Seismically Monitored: Yes
Color Code:GREEN
Alert Level:NORMAL
Elevation: 2759 ft (841 m)
Latitude: 58.2654° N
Longitude:155.1591° W
Quadrangle:Mt Katmai
CAVW Number:312180
Pronunciation: Sound file
Nearby towns:Karluk 55 mi (88 km) SE
Kanatak 58 mi (93 km) SW
King Salmon 62 mi (99 km) NW
Larsen Bay 66 mi (107 km) SE
Anchorage 274 mi (441 km) NE
From Miller and others (1998): "The Novarupta dome is about 400 m in diameter and 65 m high at its center (Curtis, 1968), and is surrounded by a 2-km-wide, funnel-shaped structure (Hildreth, 1983; Goodliffe and others, 1991). The surface of the dome is completely fractured into chaotic blocks and crumble breccia. The dome is a plug-like feature emplaced within a low ejecta ring. Prominent scarps along the flanks of Baked, Falling, and Broken Mountains surrounding the Novarupta depression indicate considerable subsidence occurred following the 1912 eruption. Nearby stratovolcanoes (including Trident and Katmai) form a volcanic front trending N65E; Novarupta lies about 4 km behind the front. Linear fractures normal to the front extend between Novarupta and Trident (Hildreth, 1987)."
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